Grab a glass of instant goodness.

With vitamins, A, C, 6 x B vitamins as well as iron and zinc, Amila delivers 100% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin C as well as 15% of all the others.

Just 45g of Amila mixes with water to make up a litre of soft drink or iced tea. And, Amila’s sugar-and-sweetener based combination formula means that it offers sufficient energy (140kj per 250ml serving) without too much sugar.

Amila is available in ice tea variants which are made from real tea extract and offer the same antioxidants as real tea as well as fruit juice variants with a variety of natural fruity flavours to suit all tastes. The convenient package sizes include a 45g and 60g sachet, and make it affordable and easy to mix an amount suited to the occasion.