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Amila Ami spotted at heritage sites across South Africa

We have to say that Ami, our Amila character, is quite a patriotic chap. He’s been spotted at heritage sites around South Africa, everywhere from the Union buildings in Tswane to Table mountain in the Cape.

But not quite all of him was shown, because we were teasing our Facebook friends by merely showing parts of his body and face, so that they had to guess as to his true identity and familiarise themselves with the character.

It’s all part of our #SpotAmi campaign, which ran on Facebook from the 11th to 25th November. Once our friends had become familiar with Ami, we launched a colouring-in competition with two images fans had to colour in. The main idea was to create engagement on our page and present Ami to the world.

Winners walked away with an Amila hamper, which included a T-shirt, cap, ruler lip balm, pen and a delicious box of Amila ice tea. The campaign was a great success and we look forward to more exciting Ami promotions in the future.

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