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Amila and Pick ’n Pay amaze and excite with Super Animal cards

Every child should learn more about our natural environment and the amazing and exotic animals that inhabit our world. Which is why it was so exciting that Amila and Pick ‘n Pay joined forces to bring shoppers, and especially kids, the Super Animal card packs.

All the customer had to do was purchase five sachets of Amila powdered soft drink or iced tea, which equates to around R15, to receive a pack of four Super Animals. All in all there were 108 animals to collect and swop with friends. The wide variety of animals included the fastest, the toughest, the deadliest, the weirdest, the fiercest and many, many more too numerous to mention. There was also an extra-special set of the Big Five: buffalo, rhino, leopard, elephant and lion, which can all be found in our super, great country. 

The promotion ran from the 8th to 21st of August 2016 at all Pick ‘n Pay stores nationwide. Kids were going wild for all the Super Animal cards they collected. It was not only fun, but also educational, as kids got to learn about all their favourite animals and the exotic worlds they live in. Amila also ran a promotion on its Facebook page, where kids were encouraged to take a picture of themselves with an Amila sachet and the Super Animal cards, and then post it to the page. The participation was great, with kids getting a real kick out of seeing their pictures posted. All in all the promotion was a great success and we look forward to similar ventures in the future.

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